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July 26, 2020

I don’t know about you but this lock-down period has knocked me out of sorts in so many different ways. Emotionally, physically and not to mention financially.

I think we all went through the initial phase of the different anxiety’s that we were being faced with. The unknown’s of what lock-down was going to bring to our lives and our loved ones, not being able to see our families whilst also making the adjustment to our finances as some of you may have been furloughed or told to stop working completely. Something that nobody has ever experienced. There were a big chunk of people who ended up in the government help ‘gap’ with access to NO support, this was because of the amount of time an individual had been self employed or the fact that you’re a director of your own company. All complications that we have all had to deal with and in our own ways, have probably grown and overcome. These things that hopefully our future generations will never have to.

Me, myself actually fell within the ‘gap’ meaning that even though I was unable to go out and see clients, seek out new clients through the form of networking and such events meant that I was entering a really unknown period. Could I pay myself this month, next month, or at the end of the year if this is still having a knock on effect? My anxieties were high and so I chose to redirect my anxieties into developing myself, my lifestyle and my finances....

Have you taken this time to re-evaluate your spending habits? I know I have. Have you done a basic income and expenditure exercise to see the bare minimum income that you can live on and cut out all of the expenses that aren’t needed. I have taken this time to get financially healthy. Don’t get me wrong I love a good spreadsheet as much as the next Financial Adviser but it doesn’t have to be fancy. I cut out what I didn’t need and created a financial plan moving forwards. Not all of this is materialistic, however I have set some money aside for those new Jimmy’s and a Louis handbag. Life’s too short, treat yourself.

I am happy to share my very basic income and expenditure assessment spreadsheet should you want to check that you haven’t missed a trick, just drop me a DM with your email address or simply fill out the contact form in the page header.

charlotte walters fashionable finance blog images insta
charlotte walters fashionable finance blog images insta

Quick WIN money saving tips:

  • Meal plan weekly, this allows us to have less waste and shop more cost effectively. I even bulk order our wine these days to save on the 25% off deals!
  • Review outstanding debt, could you refinance your personal loans or balance transfer to that 0% credit card? *please keep in mind that there would usually be a balance transfer fee to consider here.
  • Phone contracts, are you paying a full contract amount still but at the end of a contract period? Often after this period you are eligible to swap to a sim only deal that could save lots of £‘s! Only yesterday I did this with my work phone and saved £10 per month, yes that’s only a minimal saving but another £120 p.a. that can go towards something far more exciting…

I would also love to hear about all things Finance that you would like to hear about, from me. My content will be factual rather than advice based and over the course of the next few months I will be covering off different topics that will include some of the following; How to save and top tips for getting onto the property ladder, How can I repay my credit cards more quickly, Can I justify that new bag when saving for a house?

I think that it’s really important for people to have access to free, good quality advice and I am hoping to create a platform that will help to support you all into your financial futures.

Thanks for checking in and bye for now,

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