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November 10, 2020

First of all, apologies for being quiet on here this week. It appears that following the September rush, October is immensely busy too, with people planning their money goals before the end of the year and requiring lots of Financial Advice

Considering the weird times we have been going through, this year seems to be particularly flying by! I thought this week I would give a little insight into why I do what I do. It’s not always considered as the most exciting subject but I genuinely love the opportunity and experiences that it brings to me. Especially the people that I get to meet whilst giving Financial Advice...

I’m always meeting clients new and existing with a varied age range, usually between ages 20-80 and for me there is no preference to one over the other. My favourite bit is that, no matter where the client is, on their journey, I can adapt the advice that I give to their individual circumstances.

Recently I helped a young client to start saving for their future and saved them a chunky sum of income tax. At the other end of the scale, I recently helped a 70 year old client put a plan in place to reduce her potential inheritance tax bill by around £60,000. I know that the majority of us are in our investment growth stages, so at this time, inheritance tax planning isn’t so important. Although, I don’t know about you?  But time is literally passing me by and sometimes I forget that each time another birthday comes and goes, that I actually do get older in age too. I still feel the same as I did 10 years ago! I’ve also helped some new homebuyers look at their protection options, to make sure they are able to provide for their families, should worst come to worst. 

How do you guys feel about the work that you do? Are you in your forever career? 

I think for me, feeling needed in my job role is important. I especially like the fact that my job can change somebody’s financial position to the point that they are able to achieve their personal and financial goals. Whether that be to retire at an earlier age or to diversify their investment portfolio to give them those additional income streams, no day is the same. Covid has actually really had an impact on me and my work life. Before now, the best part of it, was getting out and meeting the people, building relationships with new clients and business contacts, by way of networking, to generate new business and client referrals. All of that came to a halt in March and the way that I carry out business has had to be changed. I am fortunate to have been able to adapt my business but taking everything online has been a definite challenge, not what I signed up for to be honest. I know so many of you have been affected too and I think it’s important that we share our stories. In August, I actually had a mini meltdown and fell out of love with my job. The job I was doing, was no longer what I had signed up to and I was confined to the walls of my home and carrying out all of my meetings via Zoom. No face to face interaction for such a long period of time finally took its toll on me.

Since then, I have taken a couple of breaks from work and am gradually meeting more people face to face again. That’s the best bit for sure! 

How do you feel about taking financial advice? Did you know that it’s relevant to everybody, no matter where they are in their life stages and no matter what their ‘wealth’ status is? We don’t know what we don’t know, so without advice, how can we become more efficient?

The foundation of a great financial and future plan, is to look at protecting you and your family. After this it’s often down to personal preference. Pensions, investments, tax efficient savings and sometimes looking at purchasing additional properties. Each client has a different objective and I am here to help them to achieve that...

I am looking to take on 6 new clients before the end of the year, who want to start looking at their financial planning goals and look to their financial future. If this is you and you have any questions, you know where I am.

Next week on the blog I am going to cover off Covid and the impact this has had on our investments. I will use some actual client data (minus names and specific identifiable information, of course) to highlight how different investments have been impacted over the period. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how the portfolios have performed and the majority of my clients are actually still within a positive growth period. *unfortunately I am unable to guarantee performance of funds moving forward but if you have read any of my other blogs, it’s more about the time horizon that you have to invest vs the risk that you take. 

Anyway, thanks for checking in and as always please pop me a DM or email with any questions.

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